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The quality inspection(1)

We established the asepsis dustless workshop, the workshop reached the requirements of foodstuff, medicine, level, the whole workshop clean and tidy, the factory specializes in 6 s management, to ensure the good production environment, the good product quality. Has its own laboratory, from the use of raw materials began to strengthen management, ensure that use the most suitable material to produce the best quality products, has its own design team, from design development to modify the print documents, process engineering are doing very well
We have independent of the production of quality management, has a full inspection department, is responsible for all product inspection, production process inspection personnel, we have sampling personnel, our qc department is composed of professional and technical personnel 46, formed a huge inspector team, has its own laboratory. They test and check every production process. By adopting advanced testing equipment such as spectrophotometry and strict inspection procedures and quality standards, ensure that our finished products meet customer's standards before delivery. Over the years, we in the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, Britain and other countries have a lot of experience, we set up a complete quality control system, the quality requirements of customers from all over the world have clear understanding.
For product paper bags and boxes, we have established several steps of quality control:
Quality inspection after printing.
After printing, QC personnel check the printed paper to ensure the color is consistent with the approved sample.
Quality inspection after die cutting.
After cutting the mold, the QC personnel should check it piece by piece and then proceed to the next step.
Check the quality of each production line.
At the end of each production line, the product will be carried out by QC staff before packing them into cartons. Even in each subcontractor, the end of each line is our QC, responsible for inspection.
Quality inspection before shipment.
Once the production is complete, a randomised trial will be conducted ranging from 8 to 15 per cent.
We strictly follow the four steps listed above to produce the online check and final inspection. All goods must be checked before loading into the container.
We also set up end-user functional testing and transportation testing systems and feedback collection systems to collect customer quality information:
Functional testing: we simulate end users using finished products to ensure quality. In order to test the load bearing capacity of weight, the tear strength of paper and laminated sheet.
Shipment test: we conduct research on the transport effect of the product to ensure that the goods are intact at the time of shipment. Special test equipment is being used to test the strength of cartons for packaging. In order to ensure the consistency of materials, test carton strength was tested.