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2017 RFID new project

RFID system identification speed, easy to read, large storage, have become an indispensable part of people life, widely used in the Internet of things, a smart financial, storage resources, public utilities and other fields. RFID electronic tags have the advantages of anti-counterfeiting, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, and non-reproduction. They are the anti-counterfeit labels of the products, which are equipped with the support of the handheld terminal and have the ability to recognize long distance.

The tobacco and alcohol anticounterfeiting dates back

RFID technology to authenticate the traceability of alcohol, tobacco, when consumer is buying cigarettes, alcohol and, through its retail stores of handheld terminals scanning smoke wine goods of RFID tag, enter the product traceability platform, further verify the authenticity of a commodity.

Costume jewelry inventory

The clothing and jewelry industry needs to carry out large-scale inventory on a regular basis, while clothing and jewelry are available in various styles, and traditional manual counting is time-consuming and error-prone. Now, just using a handheld terminal can make it easy to take stock, accurate data, and time saved.

Logistics warehouse management

Packages or storage and warehousing, sorting the RFID tag on each package, equipped with hand-held terminals, which can realize automatic sorting goods, greatly improve the sorting efficiency, make the data more accurate, and reduces the errors, in addition, the use of terminal device's built-in GPS function, can real-time tracking of goods.