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A brief discussion on the maintenance work of Heidelberg pre

Pay attention to the daily maintenance of auxiliary equipment
The daily maintenance of the auxiliary equipment of the printing press is closely related to the normal operation of the electrical system. The auxiliary equipment of the printing press includes the central gas cabinet, the alcohol cabinet, the compressor cabinet, the infrared drying device, the UV drying device, the spraying device, etc.
1. Central supply gas cabinet
Clean the dust in the cabinet and the filter screen on the door of the gas supply cabinet and the corner filter sponge on both sides of the cabinet. Because of the motor is high speed, if the filter clogging cause breathe impeded, thereby increasing the pump load, motor overheating, motor overload, driving element that shorten the service life of the motor; The motor bottom is the M5 compression pump, must be checked and refuelled regularly (no. 100 oil).
2. Alcohol ark
The maintenance of alcoholic cabinet should be done as follows.
(1) regularly clean the cooling vane of the condenser, and clean the dust from the heat dissipation blade by high pressure airflow (note that the blade cannot be damaged, otherwise it will cause the leakage of the cold media).
(2) regularly clean up the suction device (including vacuum float, water inlet passage and alcohol intake channel).
(3) regularly clean the main tank, the intermediate water tank and the upstream and upstream pipelines, and replace the filter in time.
(4) regularly clean the plate heat exchanger and add 3% ~ 5% citric acid solution for 2 ~ 4 hours.
(5) the water supply line of the liquor cabinet shall be equipped with a filter device and cleaned regularly.
3. Compressor cabinet
Although the cabinet is not required to install the exhaust line, but its internal high efficiency vortex compression pump has higher requirements for the environment, it should ensure that the compressor cabinets are clean and ventilated. The compression pump needs to be refuted regularly, otherwise the pump life will be greatly shortened. If lack of oil can cause damage to the pump body, air pressure cannot reach the boot requirement. It is worth noting that this oil is for Heidelberg, rather than oil.
4. Infrared drying device
Because close to the paper, the infrared drying device is easy to attach a lot of dust, so should be clear in time control cabinet and tubes drawer units in the dust, dust will shorten the infrared tubes and the service life of heating unit. The water circulation system cools down in the drying device, the water pressure is too low, and the infrared drying device will stop working. Therefore, water pressure gauge should be checked regularly to ensure normal water pressure.
5. Powder spraying device
The spraying device is located on the inside of the paper unit, should check the filter of the wind pump and the belt, and clean up the filter.
In addition, there are also infrared glazing units, UV curing devices and other ancillary equipment, and the Heidelberg printing presses are accompanied by detailed maintenance manuals for users to check.
The maintenance of the printing press is an important part of normal production. Maintenance in place, the electrical system can maintain a good working condition, which is conducive to improve production efficiency and prolong the service life of the machine.


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